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SAVE UP TO $50 OFF 🏷️ Sale Ends July 17th. Partners with iOPW to Offer People Rewards for Great Content

TORONTO, ON (PRWEB) -, a leading authorized refurbisher of computers is pleased to announce a partnership with iOPW. iOPW is a digital innovator known for living up to their motto of “Build Your Online Authority”. is saving the environment and landfills by selling refurbished computers to everyone from businesses to college students. They have partnered up with iOPW, a Toronto-based digital marketing firm who is trying to reduce the organic footprint of traditional marketing by offering companies environmentally friendly advertising solutions.

“We were looking for a loyalty based User Generated Content platform to connect our own passions for Refurbished Electronics, Small Business and Sustainability with that of the general public. iOPW’s focus on environmentally friendly advertising and technological innovation made them a perfect fit for this with their RWARDZ program. We are excited to unveil”, explains Tim Mayeur, Director of Marketing for

iOPW enables businesses and organizations to tap into vast amounts of content and other resources generated by their consumers and supported while empowering organizations and business owners with the ability to rapidly grow online. iOPW's proprietary User Generated Content (UGC) platform "RWARDZ" allows businesses and organizations to unlock and tap into the power of UGC while remaining in full control of all published content.

It’s simple - people can write and submit articles. If a submission is approved by the team; they will then be given points reflective of the quality of their post. Points can then be later redeemed through iOPW for online purchases (not restricted to purchasing just from More details on this reward and redemption program can be found at

About iOPW

iOPW "increasing Online Presence Worldwide" is an internet technology SAAS company. Our specialty is in assisting companies achieve massive online growth while providing maximum control and flexibility. iOPW stands for “Increasing Online Presence Worldwide” and our specialty lies in building up the online authority of our clients through the use of our multiple proprietary platforms. We also develop and manage our client’s websites as well as offer a wide range of online marketing services.

About is a North American leader in refurbished computers. We are ISO 9001 Certified, a Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher and Gold Certified Partner.’s budget-friendly computers are the ideal choice for families, students, small businesses or anyone that requires top brand computers without having to pay top dollars. refurbished product provides you the means to purchase a higher end quality computer at an affordable price.

To reach you can call 1-844-5-REFURB (1-844-573-3872) or email care(at)refurb(dot)io or visit their website at

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