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Top 5 Benefits of Buying Refurbished Laptops in Canada: A Cost-Effective Tech Solution

Top 5 Benefits of Buying Refurbished Laptops in Canada: A Cost-Effective Tech Solution

When it’s time to replace your laptop, should you focus on new, used, or refurbished laptops for sale? Each option has plenty of pros and cons. However, for most buyers, refurbished laptops strike the right balance between reliability and affordability.

Factory-new laptops include a premium simply for being brand new; you’re paying more just to be the first owner. Additionally, the value of your new laptop depreciates once you open the box.

So what about used? A used laptop is often sold directly by the previous owner, which means you never know what you’ll actually get, and you won’t have a warranty or support. It’s a gamble that can sometimes work well but can also be a complete waste of time and money.

Refurbished laptops have already experienced the initial depreciation of a brand-new laptop but have been individually tested and typically include a warranty.

You won’t have to risk an unreliable used laptop or pay a premium for a factory-new machine. So, let’s explore the top five benefits of buying a refurbished laptop to see why it’s such a great choice.

1. More Value for Your Money

Refurbished laptops provide initial savings when compared to factory-new models. Let’s explore a few ways you’ll get more for money when choosing a refurbished unit:

  • Lower upfront costs: If you compare new and refurbished versions of the same laptop, you’ll see the refurbished laptop has a lower immediate cost. We’ll explore some reasons for this below, but as a result, you can either spend less money or upgrade to a more powerful laptop by opting for refurbished computers.
  • Avoid the factory-new markup: A brand new laptop includes a premium for being its first owner that does not reflect its specs or design. Instead, when shopping for a refurbished laptop, you’ll completely avoid the factory markup. The price you pay is a more accurate representation of the laptop's value rather than inflated because it's new.
  • Sidestep tech depreciation: This cost-saving is even greater when considering the depreciation rate of technology. Your next refurbished laptop will have already absorbed the initial depreciation hit from being previously owned. Your laptop might even still be valuable as a trade-in or sale when it’s time to upgrade in the future.
  • Minimize the chance of defects: You’ll be receiving a unit that’s been individually tested and repaired to ensure reliability, durability, and meets performance expectations. This laptop will work as expected, which contributes to cost-effectiveness by sidestepping needing to deal with defects or other issues.

It’s crucial to shop around between refurbishers and consider each refurbished laptop before making your decision. If you buy from the wrong seller, you can still end up paying too much or receiving a defective unit.

2. Reduced Risk of Initial Defects

A sometimes overlooked benefit for refurb laptops is the decreased likelihood of experiencing any defects when you receive the machine — even when compared to brand new laptops.

Reliability directly impacts the cost-effectiveness of your next laptop.

If you quickly have to deal with repairs, you’ll be left without your laptop and may have to pay for the repair process. Instead, refurbished laptops will likely be defect-free from the beginning, letting you get to work.

New Laptops Can Be Defective

Factory-new laptops undergo quality assurance checks in batches. This means only a few laptops out of an entire production run are tested, and the results of those tests are assumed to apply to all of those laptops.

However, customers can and do still receive defective models, as not every new laptop is individually tested. You may end up paying the factory-new premium and still receive a defective machine.

Used Laptops Are Unpredictable

Used laptops have generally not been tested, repaired, or even reformatted before being shipped to you. There’s a high chance of receiving a unit with debilitating defects or other issues that will show up over time.

In addition to defects, you run the risk of inheriting viruses or malware from the previous owner. Used laptops do not guarantee security or functionality.

Refurbishers Individually Test and Repair Each Laptop

Refurbishers individually inspect, test, and repair every machine they sell. The laptop you receive has a high chance of being entirely free from defects, which can’t be said for new and used laptops.

The refurbishers themselves are trained and certified to test every component on the machine, making repairs or replacements as necessary. Before the process is complete, the refurbished laptop undergoes significant final testing to minimize the chance of the future customer having any issues.

3. Access to More and Discontinued Models

If you only focus on brand-new laptops, you’ll only be able to get the latest models from manufacturers. Older models or entire discontinued product lines simply won’t be available, which limits your options.

This can sometimes apply to refurbishers as well. For example, Best Buy refurbished laptops might only offer newer models that customers returned, whereas other refurbishers might have a wider selection due to how they source preowned laptops.

Why would you want an older model? Some specific ports, components, and features have disappeared in recent years, such as a DVD drive or more options for connecting monitors.

Of course, you can also save a significant amount of money if an older laptop will get the job done compared to a more recent model. For many business users, a laptop from a year ago will handle typical business software without issue.

Even beyond older models, you’ll have access to more models when buying from a refurbisher. You won’t be restricted to customer returns or a single manufacturer; instead, you will be able to choose from a wide range of manufacturers and models from each of them.

You can make an even more cost-effective decision by focusing more on the specs you need instead of focusing on the newest models.

4. Support a Circular Economy

Circular economies help minimize the effects of consumption on the environment, which includes requiring fewer brand-new goods and minimizing waste. Buying a refurbished laptop participates in a circular economy and contributes to the overall adoption of these environmentally friendly practices.

A traditional linear economy follows the overall process of “take, make, dispose,” which means continuously constructing new goods and extracting new raw materials. Conversely, a circular economy encourages “reduce, reuse, and recycling.”

Refurbished tech contributes to all three steps:

  1. Reduce: Buying refurbished reduces the consumption of new raw materials in addition to the power and emissions involved in manufacturing a brand-new laptop. Instead, you shift the demand for your next laptop to the refurbished market, reducing demand for brand-new machines.
  2. Reuse: A refurbished laptop reuses already manufactured components, which might include replacing a few specific components while still reusing the majority of components that may otherwise have become waste. You’ll extend the value and utility of the original resources used when the laptop was manufactured.
  3. Recycle: Supporting refurbishment enables refurbishers to recycle any end-of-life devices or components appropriately. E-waste has unique recycling requirements, so refurbishers typically have agreements with e-waste recyclers to ensure valuable metals are reclaimed, and everything else is disposed of with minimal harm to the environment.

Opting for a refurbished product goes far beyond your own benefits, contributing to overall responsible technology consumption. It’s a great choice for individuals or businesses aiming to demonstrate their commitment to being environmentally friendly.

5. Receive Up-to-Date and Genuine Software

You don’t need to buy a brand-new device to benefit from the latest software. Refurbishers often equip every machine they sell with the latest operating systems, antivirus software, and other utilities.

For example, a Microsoft Authorized Retailer (MAR) is able to sell genuine Windows installs with every laptop or desktop. This means you can benefit from Windows 11 and Windows 10 on older models.

Additionally, the drivers and firmware for each specific component will be updated and tested to ensure your device is ready for its next leg of life. Your refurbished machine will be ready to perform as expected.

Buying a brand new and refurbished device will both provide you with the latest software you need — you don’t need to pay the factory-fresh markup to have the software you need. Just be sure to take the time to find the right refurbisher capable of offering the software you need.

Find Your Next Laptop at

Refurbished computers provide plenty of benefits for individuals and businesses looking to spend less money while still receiving a reliable, up-to-date laptop with a warranty. Take the time to shop around to find the right laptop and seller that fits your budget and needs. is an industry-recognized refurbisher with a wide selection of laptops to choose from. Our certified technicians individually test and repair every unit we sell — you’ll have confidence in your next laptop.

Ready to find your next reliable laptop at a great price? Shop refurbished laptops with to start appreciating all the benefits of a refurbished device.

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