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Why You Should Buy a Refurb Lenovo ThinkCentre

Why You Should Buy a Refurb Lenovo ThinkCentre

The competitive market for business computers has given consumers no shortage of choices to empower their office workflows. 

One name you’ve likely heard is the Lenovo ThinkCentre, the company’s entry into the desktop market tailored for businesses.

A sibling to Lenovo’s legendary ThinkPad lineup of laptops, ThinkCentres should definitely be on your list when considering new desktops for the office. 

But how do you know which model is ideal for you, and how can you get an excellent price for one without resorting to the used market? Read on to learn more about ThinkCentres, and why buying refurbished models is a sensible choice for any business.

What Is the Lenovo ThinkCentre Family of Business Computers?

ThinkCentres are a product line of business-grade desktops in a variety of form factors. The lineup originally began under IBM until the company handed the torch to Lenovo in 2005.

Today, the current M-series offers multiple models serving the varying performance needs of business users. This lineup is where your search should start for a new desktop, especially if you’re looking for a time-tested brand that’s known for reliability and functionality.

So, just how reliable are Lenovos? A 2020 survey ranked Lenovo in second behind Microsoft, giving them a 192 Reliability Score and an A- rating. They ranked ahead of Apple (3rd with a B+), Samsung (4th with a C), and HP (5th with C).

What Are the Models in the ThinkCentre Lineup?

Lenovo ThinkCentres in the M-series mainly differ based on internal specifications and physical size. In addition to large tower-sized desktops, the company offers both small form factor (SFF) PCs to save on desk space and even “tiny” desktops for those who really want to get rid of cable clutter.

There are numerous models available, but the ones of interest to those in the refurbished market should take note of the following.

  • M92 and M93, covering desktops with 3rd to 4th generation Intel CPUs.
  • M83, a SFF series running 4th generation Intel CPUs.
  • M900, announced in late 2015, contains multiple PCs ranging from large towers to tiny form factors. It runs 6th generation Intel CPUs.
  • M700, announced in early 2016, runs 6th generation Intel desktop processors and comes in multiple sizes.
  • M710 series, announced in early 2017, ran 6th or 7th generation Intel CPUs and came in a tiny form factor (M710Q) and a slightly larger SFF model (M710S).

Most customers should make their purchasing decisions based on specifications when browsing the ThinkCentre lineup.

Why Are Lenovo ThinkCentres Ideal for Refurbishing?

Like most business-grade machines, ThinkCentres are an excellent candidate for refurbishing. Lenovo designed the series with longevity and heavy productivity in mind and intended for the computers to receive post-purchase servicing.

Expert technicians at refurbishing centers have taken advantage of this flexibility and can clean, repair, and upgrade the machines easily. If you want high standards of quality and reliability without the associated high prices, go for a refurbished ThinkCentre desktop.

How Do I Choose the Right ThinkCentre for My Organization? has made it easy for shoppers to find the right models for their workflows. Our filtering system allows you to browse our extensive catalog seamlessly. Users can choose from the following categories.

  • Form factor. Both small form factor and micro-sized, tiny desktops are available depending on your workspace needs.
  • Memory. RAM depends on the needs of your workflow, though many general users will be pleased with 4 or 8 GB.
  • Storage. Similar to memory, your storage needs depend on what you do at work. Rest assured, we offer sizes as large as 2TB for those with plenty of files to save. We also make the distinction between the more cost-effective HDD drives and the faster SSD drives.
  • Operating system version. Windows 10 Home and Pro are available with various models. Home should cover the majority of professional needs, though certain enterprise features like device encryption are exclusive to the Pro version. If you’re more interested in Windows 11, make sure you consider a model with 8th gen processors that will support it. also grades the condition of all our products to help our customers make informed decisions and show transparency into what we sell.

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