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Maximize Your Budget with Premium Refurbished Computer Monitors

Replacing your monitor or adding another one to your setup can be expensive, especially as technology continues evolving — getting the most out of your budget is crucial. Refurbished computer monitors offer a solution for those seeking high-quality displays without breaking the bank.

Once returned to manufacturers or retailers, refurbished monitors undergo rigorous testing and repairs to ensure they operate as designed. By opting for refurbished monitors, you can access top-notch brands and advanced features that might be cost-prohibitive if you decide to go new.

Whether you're a student, professional, or gamer, the cost-effectiveness of refurbished monitors is well worth evaluating. Before making a monitor purchase, consider the refurbished market - it's a smart way to save money while enjoying impressive visual performance.

Some refurbished displays even come with warranties, providing peace of mind you won’t find with a used model. provides our Canadian and United States customers a Free One Year Warranty*. We take pride in our refurbishment, and our 12-month warranty speaks to our commitment to quality. A refurbished monitor doesn’t have to mean missing out on a warranty — we’re confident in our work, and so will you.

Find a Refurbished Monitor for Personal or Business Needs

Finding the perfect balance between performance and budget can be challenging. Refurbished monitors are an ideal solution that meets both personal and business needs. These monitors are refurbished by trained technicians to meet manufacturer standards, giving you the performance you need without the factory-new price tag.

Refurbished monitors are excellent for personal use, whether you're an avid gamer, a creative professional, or simply seeking a newer display. You can find a refurbished monitor equipped with advanced features and often backed by warranties.

In a business context, outfitting an office with reliable monitors is vital. Refurbished options present an economically viable choice, ensuring productivity without compromising quality. Opting for refurbished monitors contributes to the business by extending the lifespan of electronics while aligning with eco-conscious strategies.

Businesses and individuals can greatly benefit from the refurbished market, allowing you to explore reputable brands and high-end specs that might have otherwise been out of your budget.

Used vs. Refurbished Monitors: What’s the Difference?

Refurbished and used monitors are only similar in that they have both been previously owned. In some cases, a refurbished monitor may be an open box return that cannot be sold as new but was never used.

The distinction between used and refurbished monitors is vital when considering a cost-effective display:

  • Used monitors are pre-owned devices usually sold as-is, often with no guarantees on performance or longevity. While used monitors might sometimes be cheaper upfront, the lack of quality control and potential risks make them a gamble.
  • Refurbished monitors undergo thorough testing, repairs, and component replacements to ensure they meet manufacturer standards. Refurbished units are cleaned, defects are rectified, and they're backed by warranties, offering reassurance of reliable performance.

Refurbished monitors provide better value, combining affordability with reliability, making them an excellent choice for those seeking budget-friendly displays without compromising quality or peace of mind. is an industry-recognized refurbisher with a wide variety of refurbished monitors, and our inventory is frequently updated. 

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