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5% OFF Everything + Earn Double Refurb Points 👉 Ends June 30

HP Refurbished Desktop Computers

Premium HP Refurbished Desktop Computers

If you are in the market for an HP refurbished desktop computer, look no further. Refurb.io carries a wide range of HP refurbished computers, perfect for your next personal or business workstation. 

Save time and money by choosing Refub.io for your next HP desktop computer.

Search below to find refurb desktops that perfectly match your needs. From ultra-slim form factors to a wide selection of processor and storage options, Refurb.io’s cost-effective solutions are available for individual or bulk orders. 

Shop our best deals on HP Elite, Compaq, and Pro models. Get your next business or gaming-ready rig from Refub.io as all models are expertly reviewed and renewed by our experts to ensure your next computer is more than capable to handle your workload. Don’t forget to check out our Refurbished HP laptops for on the go or our HP monitors to pair with your new HP desktop for the ultimate sit-down workspace. 

All refurb.io HP desktops come with a Free One Year Warranty to give you the peace of mind rarely needed when purchasing a AAA refurbished HP Desktop from a certified Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher.

For more information on the benefits of buying from a Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher, click here.